Why I didn’t Cry on Your Birthday

I smiled instead at the gift I gave you,

At the permanent mark,

The tattooed hue…

Looking up at heaven,

Hoping you could feel and see my love too…

 mo tattoo edited

You will live on as long as I do,

As a part of me,

Permanently, firmly, indelibly etched,

Into the fabric of my soul…


Happy Birthday, today and forever more…

I Love You


Please don’t murder your dogs, Kerala


I need help, Mowgli.

My darling angel, I need you to show me the way, to show compassionate people the way, and the cruel Kerala government the way out of this inhumane decision to mass cull stray dogs.

There are online petitions Stop Mass Culling of Dogs, Kerala to #BoycottKerala, but the government scoffs at it saying it doesn’t care – Kerala Govt Unfazed by Online Petition. It says this won’t affect its tourism – both local and international. I need you to help make it affect them.

I am joining the silent protest to be held in my city (Link to Worldwide Protests), I have signed the online petition. But is it enough? No.

So I am writing to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and would love if people in India and abroad would join in by mailing him letters to intervene and save innocent lives. Culling is illegal and against our constitution; there are birth control and sterilization processes that can be used.

I don’t know if this effort will pay off, but I am going to give it my best shot.

If anyone reading this would like us to send a letter on their behalf, please email your postal address to nupur dot chaudhuri at gmail dot com. Or you could directly post a letter to the Prime Minister of India.

In hope,


Nominated for the Starlight Blogger Award!

Dearest Mowgli,

Sometimes, one finds love, appreciation, courage and warmth from those you do not even know. Here in this world, where I write you letters, I’ve found so many smiles from so many strangers, who, believe you me, don’t feel like strangers – through their writings, their likes, their comments, their words of encouragement, I feel like they’ve known me and you for a long, long time – but we’ve discovered them only now.

One such person is fellow blogger Gabriel360live. Other than his heartwarming comments on the letters, he also surprised me by nominating me for two awards – a Starlight Blogger Award and a Liebster Award! Thank You Gabriel for making me feel special.

So, I’m going to opt for one of the nominations: the Starlight Blogger Award.


The rules for this award:

–Show off your award by posting the picture of it.
–Thank the person who gave you the nomination.
–Answer the 3 questions given to you.
–Pass on the award to at least six of your fellow bloggers and let them know of it.
–Give your nominees 3 questions to answer.

Here I go with my answers to the three questions:

1) What’s your favorite color combination?

White and Gold. Every colour has its own energy, that it envelopes you with, that it draws you with. White is pure, it’s subtle, it’s clean. Gold shines and exudes an angelic energy. When I think gold, I think beauty, I think angel wings, I think splendour, I think strength, I think heaven.

So when you fuse the two – it’s almost like a divine combination for me. It’s a circle of protection from the dark, it’s an upliftment of spirits, it’s the merging into the light – of gold and white.

When my Mowgli lived with us physically, I would surround him with the energy of gold and white, to protect him, to see him through every step of his life. And, I know he does the same for me now.

2)  Would you ever change your name and, if you did, what would it be?

No, never. I was meant to be called Nupur Chaudhuri. It’s my identity, it’s who I am. It denotes everything that makes up ‘me’. It’s a symbol of my personality, of who I was, who I am, who I will become. I didn’t change my (last) name even after my marriage, and I have to thank my husband for standing by my decision.

3)  Do you prefer paper books or eBooks and why?

Paper Books. I have given ebooks a try, I’ve read three ebooks but they fail to bring out that excitement, the flutter of my heart as I read creative words and lines on paper, that addiction to the pages, that impatience to turn the page and get more involved with the story…

And, as clichéd as it sounds, it’s the beautiful smell of the pages that scores the ultimate point over ebooks.

Well, that’s me! Now it’s the turn for my nominees for the Starlight Blogger Award. For those reading this, check the nominees out – you’ll love their blogs as much as I do!

I nominate:

Saadia Peerzada

Havoc and Consequence

Sometimes Silver Linings Are Blue

Snapshots In Cursive

Kruti Mehta

From The Meadow In My Heart

The three questions you have to answer (if you choose to accept the nomination) are:

1) What led you to writing?

2) How did you overcome the weakest point of your life?

3) What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t done yet?



The Rain Drop

The little girl was blessed. For, even through streaming tears that marked her soft cheeks, God gave her something to smile about. Always.

At times, it was her blue and white dotted bikini or her new pink lacy frock; her faux leather tan back-open sandals or her block heel charcoal black boots; her crisp pink report card with ink blue lines of top marks or her teacher’s approving pat on the back; her father’s lunch and bike dates with her or her mother’s hugs when exams were near; her aunt’s suitcase-full of foreign gifts from her travels or her grandfather’s deep blue cloth sling bag full of éclairs and candy bars; her uncle’s excitement at her new poetry or her grandma’s pure love-dipped cooking; her brother’s chubby cheeks and naughty smiles or her friends’ enthusiasm during playtime; her books – her constant companions – the world of mysteries and detectives, crimes and cops.

Each little ‘happiness’ like a raindrop falling on her smiling face, she thought.

But she grew older, and so did life. The world became harsher – there was love, heartbreaks, career, demands, expectation. There was confusion where once thrived innocence. There was constant change – fast-moving, fast-lane change. In keeping up, she forgot about the raindrops.

Until, one day in the beginning of August, 11 years ago – she looked up, and from the rumbling, thundering sky, with its lightning swords, she saw a large drop making its way to her. She ran in to fetch a bowl of glass and as the drop neared, it made a splash and collected in the bowl. That one drop, spattered into many tiny little drops – each one a harbinger of unmatched happiness.

She kept that bowl safe all through the years, gaining innumerable memories that made her eyes sparkle, her smile widen and her heart flutter with the joy of love. Her precious belonging, her treasure of that one heavenly raindrop.

And she continues to look at it, every day of her life – happy at the joy it brought; sometimes sad that it was only one rain drop. She will hold it close, close to her heart, and protect it from all harm.

She is me. The raindrop is You. The glass bowl is the memories we’ve accrued.DSC_0101edited

I Love You.



(Copyright: Nupur Chaudhuri)

What you mean to me

For you, Mownee

I do not know what the moon means to the sky,

or what the Sun Symbols to the clouds.

Neither can I apprehend what the leaves signify to the trees

or what the vivid flowers in the pail sand represent to the desert,

the only thing I know, is what you mean to me.

-Odelia. Rozenfeld

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I Want?



Want Want Want Want Want…

Not anymore.

I want nothing.

It’s quite bizarre, this barren feeling. Of not wanting, not knowing, not caring.

It’s like sitting in a cave of white walls and not knowing how to add colour.

It’s like a volcano of emotions is about to erupt and pfffft, it’s gone. What comes out is just a tiny, wispy circle of dark smoke that withers away.

It’s like being free, and yet feeling trapped.

It’s like lighting a candle and being unable to find the flame in the crowd of burning wax.

It’s like a one-way circular maze – you just run deeper in, the circles get smaller, and the exit farther. Till it’s a tiny dot, missable.

It’s like writing a letter, and never sending it. Ever.

It’s like that feeling of wanting to write – your fingers ready to control the pen or tap the keys, but the words don’t come.

It’s like this extra weight on your chest that you can only feel, not see. But you know it’s way bigger than that little lump it’s forming in the throat.

It’s like a lot of things, and yet it’s just one thing – That One thing that you can’t describe.

I miss you.

Lapping up Love

IMG-20150713-WA0014 IMG-20150713-WA0017 IMG-20150713-WA0021

My Little Moggles-Poggles,

On July 13, the third day since your passing, we visited the racecourse to feed the stray doggies there. You remember them? The ones who wouldn’t stop barking and the ones you happily ignored when we took you for a walk there… 🙂

We fed them milk, bread and biscuits and they lapped it up. One drank the milk straight from the packet; another black shaggy dog tore a packet on its own and drank from it! The puppies were frightened at first but they had their fill too. It warmed our hearts to see them happy with wagging tails and smiling, eager, greedy faces! PP said she could feel your soul glowing with happiness.

We also met a father-daughter duo who showed us a mamma dog that was badly injured. With everyone’s efforts, it is now being treated and getting medicines and doing better. I know you guided us to be there at that moment that set off a cycle of events that led to her getting help. Thank You…

Your friend Rafa is also better, though still a little sad. He misses your daily conversations I think. Visit him sometime 🙂

Your other friend Breezy, who went missing, is thankfully fine. I asked you to lead him home and you did. He was stolen and put up for sale on OLX for Rs 25,000. Thank God his owner’s friend came across the ad and they could rescue him. I don’t believe in coincidences; I know it was you helping him.

Please keep looking after us and your furry friends. Always help us help them.

Love You,


(P.S: Thank You for visiting me on Monday night. I smiled all through Tuesday 🙂 I love you.)